Cole Family

I went to explore in the woods with this cute family, & we had so much fun together! Playing, laughing & skipping rocks together, it was a great time for all of us! I love this little family tons, & the photos are some of my favs of the year! Melissa, the mom, runs an amazing lifestyle blog , & if you haven't visited it, you really should! 



Barrett Family

This mama always dreamed of raising her babies in the neighborhood she grew up in, & now that dream is a reality! We had so much fun walking around & photographing as she showed her girls all of the places that she loved to play at when she was their age. These images have so much meaning for her & that's really what it is all about! 

One more makes five.

This sweet family added another sweet babe to the mix, & he is the cutest thing ever. I love photographing this family every year, & I am so happy to call them friends as well. We had fun playing, laughing & snuggling during their session & the images are making me so excited to meet my sweet baby soon! 

June Bug.

I loved every minute of my session with this sweet family. This little girl, June is the cutest & definitely has the personality to match! Ive photographed this sweet family before & I am so happy they asked me to again, the images are amazing! 


Adventure in the woods.

I took a trip to the woods to photograph my bestie & her adorable family! We had so much fun playing & exploring together, I can't wait to go back with my own little family! The images are some of my favorites & I love the tones/colors so much. Fall is so beautiful & I have so much love for this sweet family. 


Strong Mama.

Sometimes life doesn't end up the way we have planned. Things change & other peoples choices can affect our lives in a way that pulls the rug from under us & alters them forever. At that point we have two choices-- to let it dictate our future negatively or to be strong, put on a brave face for your littles & move forward knowing it can only get better from this point on. This beautiful mama decided to do the latter, & when I look at this image of her, I'm brought to tears. I see so much strength, love & a strong desire to lead her children into this next phase of their life, always putting their happiness first. A mama who has held her head up, taken the high road through it all. In this image I see a client turned friend, who I love and respect more than she knows. High five to all of us strong mamas out there, especially those that have had their world shattered & have picked up the pieces to become stronger & better because of it.

Plus one.

Loved every minute of this sun filled & love soaked session in San Francisco. This mama was pregnant with her third baby girl & it was so beautiful. Enjoy!