Hi, I'm Jillian and it's true--I'll hug you when we meet, I believe the most connected relationships make for better photos than Pinterest perfection, and I'm a lifestyle family + wedding photographer based in Sacramento, CA.  

Whether your kids are showing me their room or exploring with you outside, I bring the warmth + care of 10 years teaching kindergarten + first grade to every shoot. But mostly, I bring my way of seeing the world--a way that's full of those moments in between, when the real love shows up in glances and her hair falling down around her shoulders cause she's growing up so unbelievably fast. I believe love surfaces best in simplicity--give me a blank wall and yummy window light over a pottery barn catalog room any day.


Let's photograph your sense of adventure and fun over meticulously chosen brands, the comfort of snuggling on your couch over the pose-and-pretend-like-I'm happy, the uncontrollable giggles at your oldest's quirks over coercing camera smiles. 


See, my clients are more than that to me--we become true, in-real-life, hang-out friends. Your kids will get to know me, and I'll be with you as you grow + change to document way more than Christmas card smiles. I'll be there, year after year, to capture the ways you are YOU, from snuggling to cooking to finding new rocks (I'm well-versed in boy fun!) and the beautiful, real, blurry dance that is family.



But all this doesn't mean that I show up & expect you to bring the magic while I snap away.

I hear you--you're worried about your kids being naughty and "ruining" the whole shoot. And let me guess--you feel like your house isn't pretty enough for photos. Here's the secret. I adore every child I've ever met, and connecting with kids is one of my treasured gifts. As a teacher, my classroom was home to the kids who needed extra confidence boosts and hugs. As an artist, I savor the chance to use all the little-ones knowledge of mom + teacher + photographer to bring out each child's natural love, fun, and unique personality.

You might be tempted to believe your house doesn't look like what you see here, but--if you have a big window and a bed or a clean background, trust me, it does.



Or actually trust Melissa, who had the same worry about her newborn session but said this afterward: 

aaanew site.jpg

 "With our first baby, we had a negative experience doing newborn photos and my fear was that the same thing would happen again. Well, this new baby  didn't sleep much for the shoot, but with Jillian, it worked out. We chose to do lifestyle photos rather than posed newborn pictures. Jillian was very patient while I tried to get him to sleep. She was able to go with the flow and get some great pictures, even with a very awake baby. When he finally slept for a short time, she worked fast and took several beautiful shots. I was so thankful for the way Jillian handled my two-year old. She was in our home for nearly three hours and at times my older son was impatient and didn't want to cooperate. Jillian was very patient and had lots of tricks to help him sit for pictures. She wasn't afraid to be silly with him and make him laugh. I think that was my favorite thing about working with Jillian. Sleep-deprived with a three-week old, Jillian's lighthearted attitude took the pressure off of me to make my son sit still. We love the gorgeous photos that Jillian captured of our family, but what we appreciated most of all was her presence and creativity with our children. Jillian will definitely be our go-to photographer for future all family photos and we can't recommend her highly enough." - Melissa


So if you believe, too, that the real emotions and the representation of your family as your true selves is heaps more beautiful than a stiff static pose--we are a match made in photography heaven.


Family Sessions Include

  • A 1.5 hour session in your home or at a location your family loves

  • 50 plus fully edited images in a downloadable gallery

  • Professional quality prints are also available & can be shipped straight to your door

  • Online gallery will be available to share your photos with family + friends so your people can order prints with just a coupla clicks  


 Let's chat about your session.