Hi, I'm Jillian and it's true--I'll hug you when we meet, I believe the most connected relationships make for better photos than Pinterest perfection, and I'm a lifestyle family + wedding photographer based in Sacramento, CA. 

You might find me obsessing over pinterest & planning my next house project, making secret trips to my favorite store in the world, Target - I always go for one thing & end up buying twenty - who doesn’t though? — or hoarding holiday candy (dang cadbury mini eggs) but mostly you’ll find me doing the quiet hard soul work of being a mother and a wife. 

Because the real story behind why I do what I do is that my parents split up when I was seven years old. That vulnerability and lack of control is one of my earliest, strongest memories, and it forever shaped my life and my view of family. It’s the reason I work hard on my marriage--genuinely trying to put my hubby’s happiness before my own and making sure our littles see us kiss, lots. ;)  It’s why I make sure I’m present with my kids and home after school, why I still do homework with them and why we prioritize simple things like eating dinner together. So seeing families--whole, “ugly” moments full of joy, connection and happiness--fills me up far more than just pretty pictures because it’s my chance to rewrite the stories of brokenness in my own past and tell the new story--yours and mine--of an imperfect but complete, secure, never-breaking-up family.

So even though I’m hopelessly bad at figuring out directions while driving and I’ll probably always be a recovering people pleaser, I know connection and I know beauty that makes you feel. I’d be over the moon to create with you. 

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thank you to the amazing Yan Palmer for all of these gorgeous images of me & my loves.